Pig Farm

The livestock of our pig farm in average consist of 20 000 heads.

The breeds used by the "Georgian House"  pig farm originates from Denmark, and consists of the piglets of Landrace, Yorkshire and Duroc breeds. Those are the special ‘bacon’ breed, and are characterized by a high content of lean meat without hard tendons and layers of connective tissue. Landrace was bred at the beginning of the XX century and is considered the best ‘bacon’ breed of pigs in the world.

Raising of more than 20 000 head of pedigree piglets allows the company to provide Georgian customers the tasty and quality meat under the TM of ‘Georgian House’.

We use our own compound feed.

Raw products that are used in the process of feeding of piglets goes through a two-stage laboratory testing at the State laboratory and the laboratory of the "Georgian House"  itself. This means that our piglets receive proper food, because it affects the quality and taste characteristics of the meat under the TM of ‘Georgian House’.

Saturation and flavour of the meat is achieved due to the high content of protein and natural ingredients of animal feed. Wheat, barley, corn, vitamins, microelements, amino acids are included in the diet of piglets. Multi-level feeding system provides meat yield with low greasy layer.

We supply chilled meat.

Chilled meat of the TM of ‘Georgian House’ goes through the process of ‘maturation’. ‘Maturation’ is a process of maintaining of fixed temperature and humidity while storing of fresh meat. During this process, a natural chemical reaction takes place, by which the meat becomes soft, tender and juicy. Such meat can be roasted perfectly, and retaining all the juice inside. It is also an ideal raw material for the production of meat delicacies.

Pedigree of our piglets, the tested formula of animal feed, maintenance of a high level of hygiene – is a guarantee of high-quality products under the trademark of ‘Georgian House’.