Meat Processing Plant

100% Meat Guaranteed.

Unlike other companies that use low-quality meat, for example, buffalo, or donkey meat, in order to reduce the cost of the production process, the company "Georgian House" cherishes its reputation that has developed over of tireless work. The unification of the Pig Farm and a Slaughterhouse in one enterprise, and the availability of animal feed resources, allow the company to produce the quality meat products from the chilled pork of its own production. Meat delicatessen manufactured under the trademark of ‘Georgian House’ is made from fresh meat. Therefore, the "Georgian House" Company does not need to use a substantial amount of spices and additives in its recipes.

100% Natural Products Guaranteed.

The expiry date for the TM of Georgian House products are short, and does not exceed the period of 5 to 25 days, while the other manufacturers define such period by several months. Long shelf life is achieved by the use of preservatives, which we absolutely do not use. Our goal is to offer the customer a quality product, about which they cannot cast any doubt.

100% Guarantee of Taste.

Meat delicacies of the TM of ‘Georgian House’ are made from high quality ‘bacon’ breed of pigs, and by using the German equipment of the ‘Fessmann’ brand. The products are smoked on natural sawdust. That is why the delicacies differ by their exceptional flavour characteristics and pleasant aroma.

We produce more than 30 types of sausages, frankfurters, wieners and delicatessen. Each recipe of TM Georgian House is an example of the achievements of the best taste and unchanging adherence to the traditions.