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Side Ribs – is the portion of a pork carcass with an ideal ratio of muscle and adipose tissue, interspersed with ribs. Belly meat may be with or without skin, with or without vertebrae. Belly meat is easy to prepare. Therefore, many dishes use this portion of the meat. Belly meat is delicious when baked and boiled, steamed and fried.

Fat layers on the side ribs prevent meat from drying out while cooking on an open fire. Therefore, the side ribs are ideal for frying, grilling or baking.

From the belly meat it is possible to make lard with layers, and the first-class bacon.

Nutritional value of 100 g of product: protein - not less than 7,0g, fat - less than 63,3g.

Energy value of 100g: 598-602 kcal