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Shank is a tender meat of the fore shank and a portion of the shoulder picnic with a bone, and separated from a shoulder blade. It consists of connective tissue and rough muscles.
Shank exceeds shin in size and contains more meat, which is why it is used in cooking of main dishes, while the shin is suitable for soups and aspic.

Shank require long thermal processing. This portion of the pig carcasses is the most popular in German and Czech cuisine. There are many recipes of roasting whole shin / shank: in beer or honey, with horseradish and garlic. For stewing, shin/shank must be cut into small pieces.

Nutritional value of 100 g of product: protein - not less than 18,0g, fat - no more than 2,3g.

Energy value of 100g: 90,6-101 Kcal